The Goldmember license was a "virtual" pack offer,
giving complete access to all VSO products.

Recent changes in our licensing policy make this license unappliable in the future. Having in mind that a lot of our customers already benefit from this offer, we'll keep their lifetime licenses actives.

Goldmember FAQ

Will my Goldmember license expire?
- No, already acquired Goldmember licenses will stay active for life.

I lost my activation keys, how to recover them?
- If you have purchased a Goldmembership but only have 1 key, generate your other keys for the other products automatically here.
Currently, you can unblock CopyToDVD version 4 and Blindwrite version 6 with your Goldmember license key.
The other products require a separate key you can generate automatically on the link above.
*It is a single-user license, you can't share this code with another person and the key is limited to 2 computers (a desktop and a notebook for example).
80 Bewertungen

comment Bin seit über vier Jahre Goldmember mit den kompletten ... comment
20 Februar 2019

comment Gute Software zum fairen Preis! Produkte werden auch... comment
09 Juni 2013
Berlin, Germany

comment die zur Zeit besten Programme auf dem Markt comment
12 November 2012
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