License subscription (automatic license renewal)

Customer using 2Checkout (Avangate) can opt in for subscription with automatic license renewal. It garantees the ability to use the software's latest version and it gives priority access to technical support request. The renewal price comes with a discount of 30% minimum compared to a regular license price. The billing will automatically take place just after the current license has expired. 

Subscription with automatic renewal is optional. It is not set by default on the buy page. Subscription can be cancelled free of charge at anytime, either by logging on customer's Verifone / 2Checkout / Avangate account, or by requesting VSO Support. Cancelling a subscription does not cancel the existing unlock keys and licenses of the customer. 

Email notifications 

Our payment processing service 2Checkout (Avangate) handles the whole email notification process either for automatic renewal or to notify that a specific license is about to expire.

3 emails notifications are sent starting 1 month before the renewal date. They contain a link to the user's account in which the renewal can be cancelled free of charge.

To stop receiving those notification emails and to cancel automatic renewal, log in to your customer's 2Checkout (Avangate) account.

Refund for unwanted renewal

We give a refund for unwanted renewals under the following conditions:

Refund obtained without our consent and/or by declaring order as fraudulent will result in immediate cancellation of all the customer's licenses.