How to convert

DVD into Avi, Mkv, etc.

Getting started!

Prefer a video quickstart guide? here it is.
If you have download errors or detection problems read this.

Download VSO Downloader, install and run it after installation. An animated green radar will appear in the upper right hand side of the interface indicates the software is ready to detect media.  Should it be red, click on to activate the streaming monitoring.  

Navigate with any internet browser to the page with the video or audio you want to download. Play the streaming file (in the case it doesn't start playing automatically) and as soon as the media (audio or video) is detected it will appear in VSO Downloader and the download will begin. If the streaming monitoring cannot be activated (get the radar to be green) or no streaming content is being detected read this.

A balloon hint will show display each time a media is detected in the tray (bottom right of screen).
In the case you want to browse the internet but do not want files to be detected by VSO Downloader click on the radar to stop the automatic detection, it will turn red and the animation will stop.  If you want all files to be detected but only download certain ones or on your command, see the Detection settings.

Let's take YouTube. You should see something like this:

vso downloader main downloading

Different options are available if you do a right click on the file:

vso downloader retry

 This is the number of maximum attempts at restarting the download after an error occurred.

The download will restart after this period of time. 

Determine how long a file hoster can be unresponsive before displaying a socket timeout error.


If your run into any problem, click on the "Help" tab:

vso downloader help

The online help will lead you to our different video guides and tutorials, as well as our forum and website for any additional info or troubleshooting.
Press "detect my first video now" to see how the Downloader behaves when detecting a streaming video. It will redirect you to a sample video hosted on our website just to show you how it works.

Click on "Report a bug" if you've run into a technical issue. By filling in the form we will receive all the info we need about the software to help you.

Opening the main log will give you info on the program behaviour and actions.

If you want to make sure you have the latest version available, click on "Check for updates".

You have purchased the product? Press "Enter license key" to register your Ultimate version.

The "About" option gives info on the version number, license, copyright and gives credits to third party parts used in the application.