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Failure to detect video and/or audio from a link might be caused by network issue or just because the provided link doesn't contains some. You still have the opportunity to retry the download, or discard it. Check your network accessibility, and if you are sure your link do point to a media content please file a bug with the link so we can investigate
Automatic detection is a complex feature that requires some adjustment to work correctly. Filtering the appropriate data requires many filtering and artificial intelligence.
A too loose filter may produce download duplicates, fragments of video or even a file having no A/V content.
A too strict one may miss content to be detected. In the global settings, many parameters are available, including a minimum size setting that can be trimmed for the content you are targetting:

* 1mb or less to detect small audio files * 5mb or more to detect larger video files
It is the number of links potentially linking to a downloadable content that was detected as you browse Internet. Each link require up to 30 Sec. of investigation. Once done it is either automatically added to the download queue or discarded if nothing downloadable has been found.
Nevertheless Downloader support thousand of website, a given specific site that used to work before may have changed in a way that breaks the compatibility. In such case an engine update will be necessary to fix the situation. We monitor the compatibility with the major video providing sites, but in some case an updated engine might take several days, or may not be possible at all. Registration help us covering the cost of this monitoring and give us the opportunity to provide faster update to the engine.
Many errors can occur before or during the download. Some of them might be caused by a temporary condition which can be solved later. In such case, a "retry" button will appear, as well as a "enter credential" button to retry with a specific username / password Other might originate from permanent condition. Most of the time, because * The Video/audio content is no longer available for whatever reason * The content is locked to a specific country. Use of a properly configured VPN can help to bypass this geographic limitation. * The content is available only to a specific identified user. * The content is DRM protected. Download of DRM-protected content is not legally possible
Those are the only limitation of the permamently free for use version. Registered customer don't have download delays and can download multiple content at once.